Bankers Partnering with Bankers

FI Partners was founded to partner with leaders at Community Banks and Financial Technology Firms to grow their businesses. The current economic opportunities are abundant, but we know firsthand that marketplace leaders are stretched thin as they try to act on possibilities.


Our team brings additional executive and operational management skills which clients use on a targeted basis to expand their reach and achieve more.

Tony Repanich

Principal Consultant

The former Executive Vice President at a $1.5 billion community bank based in Washington state.  For 22 years, Tony was responsible for all aspects of retail banking, mortgage lending, cash management, investment services and corporate marketing. Under his leadership, the bank grew from less than $200 million in assets to its current size. Tony studied Finance and Marketing receiving a Bachelor's Degree from Western Washington University.


Tracy Wainwright

Project Manager

With over 18 years of experience in systems management Tracy excels at developing integration strategy and defining master data elements that will be shared between multiple systems and leading continuous review and improvement efforts to ensure that technology-enabled processes meet changing departmental and organizational conditions. Tracy is currently completing her Master of Computer Science degree at the University of Washington.

James Lumia


Recently completed both his J.D. and M.B.A. degrees at Seattle University. He has gleaned practical financial experience from his time with U.S. Bank and honed his legal skills under the employ of Pacific Century Holdings, a cannabis-focused real estate holding company. James studied Political Science and Leadership Theory receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from Gonzaga University.